TPLF Destruction at Dessie Referral Hospital

The evidence of TPLF terrorism is ignored by international media, so we must share to the world the omitted suffering of millions of Ethiopians. In the middle of covid-19 pandemic, TPLF forces targeted life-saving healthcare facilities in every town they invaded in Amhara & Afar regions. TPLF looted and destroyed 40 hospitals, 453 health centers, and 1700 health posts in Amhara region and 60 health facilities in Afar region during their aggression from June 2021 to December 2021.

This is a glimpse of the destruction of Dessie Referral Hospital in South Wollo, which serves 10 million patients within a year. 80% of Dessie Referral Hospital has been intentionally destroyed by TPLF forces causing millions to lose access to healthcare services.

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