Brighter Generation 

Virtual Teaching Opportunity


Brighter Generation is a program that aims to enhance education and empower the next generation of leaders in Ethiopia by connecting the diaspora with students and teachers in Ethiopia. This July 2022, we will launch the first pilot program where diaspora instructors and local teachers will jointly teach an English communication enrichment course to high school students in 10 regions in Ethiopia.


Diaspora instructors will take part in this hybrid course virtually while local teachers guide the students in person. The program is developed with a comprehensive curriculum and detailed weekly lessons that include class exercises, homework assignments, and an integrated learning management system. The program will run for 3 months, with 1.5 hours of weekly virtual class time and additional in-person instruction with local teachers. The program also has an internship opportunity for college students to virtually help facilitate class exercises. 


If you have a passion for mentoring, teaching, and communication and wish to use your everyday skill to make a difference, please register to become an instructor or an intern. We also kindly invite you to support this program by sponsoring local teachers and schools for essential resources.


This program will focus on:

  • Communication skills

  • Writing skills

  • Reading skills 

  • Critical thinking skills

Schools are selected from 10 regions in Ethiopia. A hybrid class taught by joint instructors of diaspora and local teachers. 


Get involved: 

  • Become an instructor

  • Become an intern (college students)

  • Sponsor a school ($750)

  • Sponsor a local teacher ($150)

  • Sponsor a student ($50)


Sponsor the Program 


Participating Schools 

Thank you for your generous donation. 

Mohammed Anfere Secondary High School - Afar


Hailmariam Mamo Compressive High School - Debreberhan


Jijiga High School - Somali


Addis Ketema Secondary School - Addis Ababa 


Fasiledes Secondary School- Gondar 


Dej, Geressu Duki Compressive Wolisso High School - Wolisso


Dire Dawa Compressive High School - Dire Dawa