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Brighter Generation 

Virtual Teaching Opportunity


Brighter Generation is a program that aims to enhance education and empower the next generation of leaders in Ethiopia by connecting the diaspora with students and teachers in Ethiopia. This July 2022, we launched the first pilot program where diaspora instructors and local teachers jointly teaching an English communication enrichment and leadership course to high school students in several regions in Ethiopia.


Diaspora instructors will take part in this hybrid course virtually while local teachers guide the students in person. The program is developed with a comprehensive curriculum and detailed weekly lessons that include class exercises, homework assignments, and an integrated learning management system. The program also has an internship opportunity for college students outside Ethiopia to virtually help facilitate class exercises in our program.  


If you have a passion for mentoring, teaching, and communication and wish to use your everyday skill to make a difference, please register to become an instructor or an intern. We also kindly invite you to support this program by sponsoring students, local teachers and schools for essential resources.


This program will focus on:

  • Communication, writing, reading comprehension, critical thinking and leadership skills


Get involved: 

  • Become an instructorBecome an intern (college students)Sponsor a school, Sponsor a local teacher and Sponsor a student 


Bright Generation Participating
Schools and Students


 Our Students at Menelik  

Dagmawi Menelik was established in 1898 as Ethiopia’s first modern school by King Menelik.

Mohammed Anfere Secondary High School - Afar


  Our Students at Assayita, Afar 

Mohammed Hanfire Illaita Secondary School is located in Assayita city, Afar.The school was established in 1955. Currently, it has 2169 students, of which 901 are girls. There are 54 teachers, three principals, and 28 administrative staff.

Hailmariam Mamo Compressive High School - Debre-Birhan

  Our Students at Debre-Birhan  

Hailemariam Mamo Comprehensive Secondary School is located in Debre-Birhan. The school was established in 1942. The number of students attending in 2022 were 2014, with 925 female and 1089 male students.

Dire Dawa Comprehensive Secondary School


  Our Students at Dire Dawa  

Dire Dawa Comprehensive Secondary School was established in 1955. 2998 students attend the school and there are 118 teachers.

Ethio-Parents' Secondary School - Addis



Ethio-Parents' is a private school formed by volunteer parents in 1995 with an enrollment of more than 3000 students from grades 1 to 12.

Cathedral School


  Our Students at Cathedral School  

Lideta Catholic Cathedral School is a private school located in Addis Ababa. It was founded in 1954. This Secondary School in Ethiopia has an enrolment of 3500 students with a total number of teachers being 150 The school has students from grades 9-12.

Bole Bulbula General Secondary School


  Our Students at Bole Bulbula  

Bole bulula ...

Addis Ketema Secondary School - Addis Ababa 


  Our Students at Addis Ketema  

Addis Ketema General Secondary School is a public school that was established in 1960. In 2014, 2471 students, 1119 male and 1350 female students, were enrolled.

Fasiledes Secondary School- Gondar 


  Our Students at Gondar  

Fasiledes Preparatory Secondary School was established in 1950 in Gondar.

Etege Menen Girls’ Boarding Secondary School


  Menen Girls School  

Etege Menen School is located in Addis Ababa. The School was founded by Empress Menen, (Etege Menen) wife of Emperor Haile Selassie on September 14, 1930 in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. It was the first all-girls school in Ethiopia

Jijiga High School - Somali


 Our students at Jijiga High School 

Jijiga High School ...

Nativity Girls' Catholic School


  Our Students at Nativity Girls' School  

Nativity Girls’ Catholic School is located in Addis Ababa, was founded by Abba Gebremickael Mekonnen who was the Parish priest of Nativity Cathedral in the year 1952. The school has 2300 girls from grade 1 up to grade 12.

Bole Medhanialem High School


  Bole Medhanialem 

Bole General Secondary School is located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The school has an enrolment of 3528 with a the total number of teachers being 75.

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