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Our group Members Have Come Together Regardless of Political or Religious Background to Support an Existential Cause Of Saving Ethiopia as a Nation.

About US

"Our forefathers have sacrificed their lives to maintain a free Ethiopia from invaders, and it is our time now to support Ethiopia's quest for peace and equality during the imminent threat of internal and external forces. We aspire to reflect the voice and concerns of Ethiopian citizens to the world and help maintain Ethiopia's unity."

Our Mission

Our mission is to create awareness within the American public and the rest of the world regarding Ethiopia by providing fact-based information to ensure the US policymakers hear the ordinary Ethiopian citizen's voice, respect Ethiopia’s sovereignty, and support the oldest black nation in its efforts in democratization and prosperity. Ethiopia has been the beacon of freedom in Africa that has not been colonized, and through your support, we believe Ethiopia will overcome this challenge and remain a hope for its people.

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